Explore the World with Your Luxury Travel Companion & FMTY

As a luxury travel companion, I am thrilled to accompany you on an intoxicating journey across the globe. Choose the ‘Fly Me To You’ (FMTY) option to have me by your side, no matter your location, or invite me to be your beautiful travel escort on your next adventure.

We’ll delve into each destination’s cultural tapestry, savor exquisite cuisines, and immerse in bespoke experiences crafted to awaken our senses. Let’s make memories that will last a lifetime and create a story worth for the memory book.

The weekender

24 hours │ £2,000
48 hours │ £3,000
72 hours │ £4,000 Anywhere in Europe.

Overday/ overnight erotica

up to 12 hours │ £1,600
up to 14 hours │ £1,800
Anywhere in the UK.

Dream holidays

5 days POA
7 days POA Anywhere in the world.*

Craving for more

Extra 12 hours │ £1,000
Extra 24 hours │ £1,500

Booking Confirmation Process

For an enchanting experience that we both enjoy, I kindly request the following for our time together:

Booking Duration

To create a truly memorable experience, I have set minimum booking durations based on the location:

  • West and Central Europe: Minimum of 12 hours.
  • Rest of Europe: Minimum of 24 hours.
  • Middle East & South Africa: Minimum of 2 days.
  • Far East, Caribbean, Latin and South America, Australia & New Zealand: Minimum of 3 days.

*Please note, I am currently not accepting bookings in North America, Canada, or Singapore.

Overnight engagements

To ensure we both wake up refreshed, overnights require 6-7 hours of uninterrupted sleep. A shared meal, refreshments, and some time spent in public settings add to our connection and enjoyment.

Extended dates (24 hours or more)

For our extended adventures, including Fly Me To You (FMTY) or Train Me To You (TMTY) dates, I appreciate daily meals, at least 7 hours of peaceful sleep, and a private bed. To remain my vibrant and engaging self, I also ask for 1-2 hours of personal time each day.

Longer journeys (48 hours or more)

For trips surpassing 48 hours, or if we’re yet to meet, I prefer having my own room. This ensures I get adequate rest and can be fully present and vivacious for our time together.

Travel arrangements

I kindly request that all transportation costs be covered by you. This includes first-class train tickets or business-class airfare for long-haul flights, along with accommodation expenses if required. I greately appreciate your attention to these details. This allows us to focus on creating unforgettable moments! Please arrange for the travel costs to be sent alongside the deposit. Upon receipt, I will take care of my own travel tickets.

For lenghtier travel arrangements, I invite you to share your budget with me. I am sure we can find something suitable together. To my cherished regular clients, your proposals are always welcome.

Screening & Deposits

A Touch of Inspiration

To book a date with me, either email me at hello@caragreene.co.uk or use the link below to access my booking form.