Unlock Elite Experiences: Your Essential Cara Greene Guide

Booking Guidance

I aim to respond to all booking inquiries within 24 hours, but definitely within 48 hours. To safeguard your privacy, emails received between 9:00-17:00 GMT will be replied to during the same time frame, unless you submit a late inquiry yourself or request a different response time.

Advance bookings

While I do try to accomodate short notice requests, it might not always be possible. I ask for all dates to be booked at least 24h to 48h in advance, but longer notice is recommended to avoid disappointment. Read more answers to FAQ here.


For a safe and intimate experience, new clients are asked to undergo a brief screening process, essential for our mutual safety and trust. As an independent provider, I appreciate your cooperation. Your information remains confidential and is deleted post-appointment. I value discernment and choose to connect with those who respect this essential procedure.

I will need one of the following from you:
1) A copy of an authorised form of ID (driving license/ passport/ national ID card)
2) Logged in screenshot of your active LinkedIn professional or company profile
3) A reference from another companion you have seen (this is the least preferred method, please make sure to ask for permission before doing this).

For hotel meetings, please provide a copy of your hotel booking confirmation email.


As every other industry, booking an appointment requires you to hold the allocated time by paying a deposit. Your appointment will be confirmed only after the deposit has been successfully processed.

  • A 20% deposit for appointments of 1 hour or longer.
  • A 40% deposit for appointments of 12 hours or longer.

This is to ensure I make myself available only for you for the requested time and date.

Deposits can be paid by:

  • Bank transfer to my discreetly named UK business account (if you do not have a UK bank account you can still pay by bank transfer using Wise). Please send it from a bank account registered under the name shown on the ID/ LinkedIn provided.
  • Virtual vouchers/ e-gift cards such as Amazon, Selfridges or Uber. Your appointment will be confirmed only after the deposit has been successfully processed. Kindly send it from an email that displays the name as it appears on your ID or LinkedIn profile.
  • All major cryptocurrencies. Please contact me for more information.

Cancellation policy

I do understand life sometimes gets in the way. Please read carefully my cancellation
policy and do get in contact if you need clarification.

Deposits are non- refundable and transferable once unless in the rare occasion when I
have to cancel the appointment. If you have not used the deposit within the following month, it will be considered forfeit. In the event that I need to cancel, you can choose either a reschedule or ask for a deposit refund.

If you do not attend your appointment without giving any notice or cancel more than 2 times in a row, you may lose the opportunity to book again in the future.

Payment etiquette

The 20%, respective 40% deposit is to be paid at the time of booking. The balance for my companionship must always be paid in cash in the local currency, in the first 5 to 10 minutes of our meeting, unless we’ve agreed otherwise. This is an industry standard and I would like it to come from your initiative.

If meeting in public, discreetly present the cash, such as in an unsealed envelope tucked into a card, book, or gift bag. The agreed fee covers the companion’s time and company only.

You can choose to send the entire fee by bank transfer in full before our meeting. We can only proceed with the date if the payment has already reached my account before we begin.

Conduct, Hygiene and Health

Kindly ensure you are freshly showered and maintain cleanliness before our meeting. I maintain the right to conclude our date prematurely if there are significant health or hygiene concerns. Respectful and courteous behavior is expected at all times. Any harassment, discrimination, or harmful conduct will lead to an immediate cessation of service without a refund.

How to Book Me

To book a date with me, either email me at hello@caragreene.co.uk or use the link below to access my booking form.