How to book a date with Cara Greene

Found me on social media or saw my ad and eager to meet? Fantastic! Booking a date with me couldn’t be easier. Read this simple, hassle-free guide to arrange your encounter.

How to Secure Your Date with Me

  1. Introduce Yourself: Use my booking form, send a friendly email to, or message me via text/WhatsApp. Just include your name, a bit about yourself, and what you’re looking for (keep it classy).
  2. Set the Details: Discuss and confirm the date, time, and duration of our appointment. Clear details upfront make everything smoother.
  3. Confirm with a Deposit: Secure your preffered date and time with a small deposit. This shows you’re serious and helps me prepare for our special day.
  4. Sexy Time! With all the formalities out of the way, we’re set for the exciting part- our time together! Whether it’s a glamorous evening out, an adventurous weekend away or a more intimate encounter, I promise to make it memorable.

What You Need to Write in Your Booking Inquiry

Make your message clear and concise:

  • Your Name: Provide your full name.
  • Desired Date: Specify when you’d like to meet.
  • Time and Duration: Indicate the time and how long you’d like the meeting to last.

Example Email/ Text

“Hi Cara, I came across your profile on Twitter. My name is [Your Name], and I’ll be in [City Name] for a conference. I’d like to take you out for dinner. Can we meet on [Date] at [Time] for [Duration] at my hotel [Outcall Location]? Please let me know the following steps to confirm our date.”

Thanks, [Your Name]”

Why Use My Booking Form?

My booking form is the most efficient way to reach me. It’s designed to gather all essential info quickly, making sure your request gets the attention it deserves.

Ready To Meet Me?

Follow these easy steps to set things up for a great time. Ready to meet? Just fill out the booking form, and let’s make some unforgettable memories together!